Donations for stray animals Realness of Beauty

We believe animals have the exact same right to live a happy life as much as we do.

As animal lovers and advocates for animal rights, our biggest dream was to build something that would give back helping our furry friends as much as we can.
That's why with every purchase made at Realness of Beauty you will be supporting stray animals in need. We will be donating a percentage of each order to small, nonprofit organizations that fight and stand out for animals.
We donate to Ediga Rifugio del gatto Pola Narzisi / Cat sheltera private, nonprofit shelter taking care of over 200 stray cats, & to Lupa nel Cuore Onlus, a nonprofit organization that feeds, cures and rescues stray and/or abandoned cats and dogs. We have deliberately chosen to support small, local charities that do not have the power, nor the size, to promote themselves. These organizations live out of local supporters and fight hard every day trying to save as many stray cats and dogs as they can. They are located in Italy, Sicily, where our Founder, Floriana, was born. 
 "I was born in an island where stray animals have always been seen as a problem, even by the Government. The situation is out of control as no one is taking actions. Every day, thousands of stray dogs and cats die poisoned, hit by cars, abused by people or sick. If there is a place on earth where animals have been forgotten by whatever God you believe in, that´s Sicily"

 Floriana Cutrona, Realness of Beauty Founder & CEO



Meet Dodi


The story of Dodi is one of the most common one for lots of cats and dogs living in Sicily. He was abandoned when he was two months old and was hit by a car soon after. Dodi was rescued in critical conditions by some volunteers of Lupa nel Cuore Onlus, a local nonprofit organizations which takes care of over hundreds of stray cats. After one week in intensive care, Dodi was able to survive and now lives a happy life with his human friend, Floriana.


By purchasing at Realness of Beauty you will be giving your help in saving lives like Dodi´s. We hope you will join the movement for a new ethical, conscious beauty.

Thank you for being you, a true beauty inside and out.